Public Relations

In modern marketing there is a huge cross over between marketing and PR.

One of the most important elements is your online presence.  In particular social media as this offers a genuine opportunity to build a relationship with your audience.

Social Media and blogging have created a new type of PR.  You no longer have to be best friends with the editor of the local newspaper (although that is never a bad thing), you can now create your own publicity via social media. The important part is to give your business some personality and figure out what your audience finds interesting.  Take a look at the types of social media marketing packages I offer and see if there is something that I could help you with?

But obviously it’s not just about social media, there are lots of other ways that I can help you raise your public profile online and offline.  Anything from a well worded press release to a high profile gimmick, where there is a will there is always a way to get the attention of the public.

Ultimately PR is all about finding the right places to spread positive publicity about your company and in the unfortunate event of negative publicity how you respond to it.  How you deal with unhappy customers (especially when it’s in the public eye such as social media) can convert negative situations into positive ones.

So if you need help with your PR or Social Media Marketing please get in touch on 01424 777111 or email

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