Event Marketing

Event marketing, possibly one of my most favourite types of marketing campaign.

Marketing an event gives you the opportunity to build real and genuine excitement in an audience.  There is so much to say about an event, and thing are changes constantly so there’s always new and exciting information to update your audience with.

Now with the wonderful world of social media in your hands marketing an event gives you the opportunity to create a hubbub around your event before, during and afterwards.

There are so many different types of event so each and every one will be different and therefore require a slightly different marketing campaign, but as a general rule to get the best results event marketing requires a mix of many different elements of marketing.

Key elements of event marketing:

  • Content – Doesn’t always fall under marketing, but getting your content right is the first frontier of marketing any event!
  • Website – Needs to have all relevant information.
    - Can people book tickets/register to attend?
  • Emails – Regular updates on what’s happening can convert might attend to attendees
  • SEO - Can people with an interest in your type of event find your website?
  • Social Media – Amazing, cost effective way to communicate with your audience and exhibitors
  • Advertising – Online and offline find your audience and appeal to them
  • Direct Mail – Really affective especially as a reminder for previous visitors
  • Exhibitors – Don’t forget to market to your exhibitors too!

I have worked across a variety of different events both B2B and B2C ranging from small one day shows to large exhibitions attracting over 100,000 visitors.  Some have been free entry for visitors and some have been extremely expensive.  Some have had HUGE budgets and some not so huge.

But fundamentally they’ve all had great content, combined with a targeted marketing campaign to reach the relevant visitors and they’ve all gone on to be very successful.

So if you have an event small, medium or large and want to find out how freelance event marketing could help you attract both visitors and exhibitors get in touch on 01424 777111 or email Nicola@marketing-business-consultant.co.uk

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