Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing encompasses all the different types of marketing that we used to use, before the evolution of digital marketing (I know it’s hard to imagine a world without it these days).

It may not be the modern manner of marketing, but it can still be highly effective.  It’s a great way to back up your online marketing campaigns, and can sometimes have the cut through wow affect that online marketing can’t (because there is just so much of it!).

Types of traditional marketing you could consider:

  • Local radio advertising – If you’re a local business, then advertising on local stations can be a really good way of reaching a local audience
  • Print Advertising – in local publications or publications specific to your product/service
  • Leaflets – Can be used in a thousand ways, to get new customers and retain existing customers.
  • Direct Mail – combine a strong mailing list, catchy design and good offer
  • PR – is as important as ever.  However digital marketing has made much easier to reach thousands of people in an instant!
  • Billboards, bus stops, train stations, tube station advertising (in London) – admittedly quite pricey, but if you’re budget is big it’s a great way to build a brand profile
  • TV Advertising – again you need a big budget, so not suitable for all.  But once your company is of a certain size it can really increase your brand awareness.
  • Field marketing – or some would call it guerrilla tactics.  One of my favourite types of marketing, and for small starts up often the most effective. This can be everything from networking, building a profile (online and off), handing out leaflets in busy locations, door drops basically getting out there and telling the world about your business and how it’s going to make someone’s life better!

So granted some traditional marketing can be budget busting.  TV advertising and billboards are generally left for the big guys, with deep pockets.  But choose wisely and some traditional marketing can be cost effective.  Especially when supported by an online campaign, such as referring people back to your website where you have the opportunity to give much more detail about your product or service.

As with all marketing often the best approach is to look at your marketing as a whole and create a marketing plan that combines online and offline to make the most of your marketing budget.

If you want help to with your marketing be it traditional marketing or digital get in touch or 01424 777111/07919893344 and let help you make the most of your marketing spend.

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