Social Media Marketing

In today’s world Social Media is a hugely important part of marketing mix, and the great part is, it’s very inexpensive and can give you a fabulous return on investment if you get it right.

Social Media Marketing when done properly is a great and cost effective way to give your business a personality, and people buy from people.  I provide a number of services around social media marketing and can advise on strategy, training and managed services.

Used correctly social media marketing can:

  • Build reputation
  • Increase brand awareness and credibility
  • Develop a loyal community of customers and prospects
  • Increase your company trustworthiness
  • Supports SEO
  • Give your company a personality that people become loyal to
  • Give you the opportunity listen to your customers feedback good and bad, and make changes to your business accordingly
  • Give you the opportunity to respond to negative feedback in a positive way, which is all round good PR.

From finding the right social media platform, to engaging content it’s not as simple as updating your own personal FaceBook page.  As with all successful marketing, social media marketing take a lot of planning and more than anything a lot of time too!

But ultimately it will give you is a rich insight into your customers, and help you build a two way relationship with them, which until now had not been possible.

I offer different social media services depending on how social media savvy you are.  From setting up your accounts in the correct way and social media training to managing your day to day content.

If you need help getting your social media to work for your business, get in touch on 01424 777111 or email

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