Marketing Strategy

It seems Marketing Strategy is not the most popular word amongst small business owners, in fact I think it’s often scoffed at.  So call it a Marketing Plan, a timeline whatever you will, but a marketing strategy really is helpful in giving you clear direction and way to reach your objectives.

A marketing plan brings together different types of marketing, with in a set time frame, to meet with your objectives and within a budget.  Which all sounds very pie in the sky but knowing how and when to run different marketing campaigns and simply planning ahead is proven to increase the success rate of your marketing.

A Marketing Strategy will give you:

  • Clear direction of what marketing to do and when
  • Gives you a timeline for when to start activity
  • Allows you to compare the success rate of different activities
  • Helps you manage budgets

Looking at your businesses as a whole I look to develop a marketing plan that is aligned with your objectives, budgets and in-house skill set.  I can develop a marketing plan for you and show you how to execute it, or I can manage it for you.  Or if there is a particular area of your marketing you need direction with, I can help on a project by project basis.

If you think your business could benefit from a marketing strategy, or simply need pointing in the right direction get in touch for a chat on 01424 777111 or email

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