Content Creation

Ever heard the saying content is king?  Take heed, it’s true content creation is all important!

Your website, your blog, your social media, your printed media and SEO, can and will only be affective if you have good content.

Ultimately your content is what will make people stay on your website, read on, follow your blog, stay hooked to your social media updates and help you reach the top of Google.  If it’s boring, full jargon or lacks personality the likelihood is people will be turned off by it, and never visit your site again!

But creating regular, engaging, interesting, shareable, thought provoking, funny, amazing content on a daily basis isn’t easy!  In fact it can drive a sane person quite crazy.

However that’s where I can help (not that I am not sane).

I offer a number of services to help you out with your content creation.

Create a content StrategyThis works for all marketing platforms be that your website, blog or social media. Having a plan in place of what content will be and when will make it easier. There will be times that you stray away from this as you still need to be reactive to outside events and to what your audience want. But having a monthly or even fortnightly plan in place will help you keep on top of your content.
Professional Blogging ServiceI will take the hard work out of blogging and write your content for you. This will be in a style of your choice based on agreed content strategy. This can be on a regular basis or as and when you need it.
Social Media Management ServiceManage and update your social media, respond to customers and clients and create content based on relevant issues and audience reaction.
Website ContentManage and update your website content on a regular basis. Review analytics to see what content is engaging website visitors and create more of the same.

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