Marketing Services

How I Can Help You!

Whether you have a clear understanding of what marketing would benefit your business, or you need help to find the right marketing mix I am able to work on anything from a stand alone marketing piece to a fully integrated marketing campaign.

I work across all disciplines of marketing, so I am able to look at your business as a whole, and choose the best types of marketing to give you the results you want.

Whether you know exactly what type of marketing you’re looking for or are a little unsure take a look at the type of marketing services I can offer and get in touch to discuss how I could help.


Design, content creation, navigation and SEO.


Websites only work if they can be found via search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Cost effective way to convert followers to customers.

Email Marketing

Create emails that get opened, not deleted!

Online Advertising

Targeted advertising to reach your audience.

Marketing Review

Overview of where you are now, and how to reach your objectives.

Marketing Strategy/Plan

Simple strategies that get results

Event Marketing

Visitors or exhibitors you need both to keep everyone happy.

Copy Writing

Online or offline, make your copy count.

Advertising & Print

Traditional Marketing, great brand power.

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